Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you go through this page to find answer to any question you may have,before writing or calling us.

a)What is EatOnline?

EatOnline is a smartphone app for ordering food from the outlets featured on the app.

b)Is it a free app or paid app?

EatOnline is a paid app at the moment,and you get your money back via discounts offered by us automatically.

Example:The app costs $0.99/- and you place an order for $ 100/- you may get a discount of $20/-against your first order.You may also enjoy discounts for every order you place via EatOnline.

There may be a few popular restaurants for which no discounts are applicable but we are sure you will agree it is a small price for a great convenience.

c)Is it available on Blackberry?

Not at the moment only for Android and IOS devices(iPhone/Ipads)

d)I placed an order but did not get a sms confirmation or my payment was declined.

Check whether you have received an email confirmation,if you have received an email confirmation,please print and take to restaurant.

If no email confirmation and no sms confirmation,you order or payment has not been successful,please try again or check with your credit card company why the card was declined.

e)My order was not successful but I have been charged by my credit card company

Please write to us with your transaction details and we will revert to you within 3 weeks if any refunds are due.

f)My order was successful but I did not go to collect the order,can I get a refund?

No you will not be eligible for a refund

g)I placed an order and now want to cancel?

No you cannot cancel your order,you could try and talk to the restaurant if they will agree to serve you another day,but most likely your request will not be accepted.

h)I am unable to see the outlets/There is an error getting Connected/do I need wifi/3G?

Please check your network connection/wifi or 3G is required.Sometimes we may be carrying out maintenance work.Please check if there is an app update available.

i)I am unable to see the discounts/My credit card company offers me discounts?

All discounts are automatically applied.Your credit card discount is not applicable with Eatonline.

j)When I reach the restaurant,I notice a promotion/discount which they do not provide me.

Yes,the discounts and promotions on EatOnline are exclusive and they cannot be combined with other promotions or offers at the outlets themselves.

Please be rest assured we try and get you the best deals.

k)I have received an order confirmation but the restaurant says they have not received the order what shall we do.?

Please treat the order as cancelled and write to us with transaction details,date/amount order type and outlet and we will try and refund your amounts.

In case you have to reach us,write to us  and we will be happy to revert to you.